candles that give back...small things matter

Candles that give back, small things matter... As we like to say there is story behind every candle we pour, and every product we make...  Our mission is to create natural products, vegan eco-friendly that people love to use and enjoy! Extend Out scented Candles are handcrafted candles and melts, in a variety of scents, shake & spray, and air fresh our natural air freshners. We started our candle business in our living quarters with a vision: to create long- lasting natural scented soy candles, crafting a product that is "pure and natural", as we believe in clean burning candles ethically made with pure ingredients.

We use all-natural soy, 100% pure cotton wicks and any dyes or artificial enhancers, as we believe the best candle is a clean-burning candle. At times our natural products are giving out as random acts of kindness, along with other tangible gifts, such as gift cards/food packages as donations to refugees, homeless shelters, projects, activities that are "serving the city".....

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